Choosing The Right Product

Our expert team can help you select the best product for your individual needs.

Choosing the right product for your needs depends on OCCURRENCE, FLOW AND MOBILITY


  1. STRESS INCONTINENCE is the most common type of urinary incontinence and occurs when a person leaks urine as they cough, sneezes, exercises or does anything that puts pressure on the bladder.
  2. URGE INCONTINENCE occurs when the bladder muscles are too active. A person with urge incontinence will lose urine as soon as they feel a strong desire to go to the bathroom.
  3. OVERFLOW INCONTINENCE is the feeling of never completely emptying the bladder.
  4. MIXED INCONTINENCE is a combination of stress and urge incontinence.
  5. FUNCTIONAL OR ENVIRONMENTAL INCONTINENCE occurs when a person cannot get to the toilet or get to a bedpan when they need to. The urinary system may work well, but physical or psychological disabilities prevent normal toilet usage.

A person with incontinence may require different products for DAYTIME AND NIGHTTIME NEEDS


  1. UNDERWEAR LINERS: Light Flow (a few drops)
  2. UNDERWEAR OR “PULL UPS”: Moderate Flow (more than a few drops)
  3. 4-TAB BRIEF”: Heavy Flow (Steady Flow)
  4. UNDERPADS: Provide extra protection for bedding and furniture

Choosing the Right Size


shutterstock_312824243Place a measuring tape snugly (but not tightly) around the hips or waist, whichever is larger, of a PERSON STANDING.  For a PERSON SITTING OR LYING DOWN measure from hip bone to hip bone, multiply by two and add two inches for the measurement.  For instance if the hip to hip measurement is 18” then:  18 x 2 = 36, 36 + 2 = 38”.

The following chart is a helpful guide.

BRIEFS/ adult diapers

Size                              Waist/Hips

Small                            20”-32”
Medium                      32”-44”
Regular                        44”-56”
Large                            44”-58”
X-Large                        58”-63”
XX-Large                      63”-70”
XXX-Large                    70”-90”

PULL UP/ Protective Underwear

Size                              Waist/Hips

Small                            20”-32”
Medium                      32”-44”
Large                            44”-58”
X-Large                        58”-68”
XX-Large                      68”-80”


Make sure that the product fits securely around the legs, that it is not too tight or too loose, and that it does not shift or sag. DO NOT DOUBLE PRODUCTS because leakage can occur and the waterproof layer of the inside product will not allow for additional absorbency by the outside one.

How Incontinence Products Work

  • Incontinence products are designed to quickly PULL LIQUID AWAY FROM SKIN and lock the liquid in the absorbent core to keep the wearer dry. THERE ARE MULTIPLE LAYERS OF MATERIALS:  an inner layer that is soft and comfortable against the skin, a layer that pulls liquid away, an absorbent material that locks up the liquid, a waterproof lining protective lining and outer soft cloth-like layer.
  • The technology and construction of incontinence products are continually advancing. One of the biggest improvements is very THIN LAYERS of material that are super absorbent.  This allows for much less bulky and more comfortable products. It is important to understand that THICKER IS NOT MORE ABSORBENT ANYMORE. Many new products have better performance and less bulk.

Skin Wellness

  • TAKING CARE OF THE SKIN IS ESSENTIAL for someone with incontinence. Adults can experience redness and irritation (just like infants) and if not treated properly serious health issues can occur. Adult skin is more fragile and needs special care including thorough cleaning and not allowing too much time between changes.
  • INCONTINENCE PRODUCTS ARE DESIGNED TO PULL LIQUID AWAY FROM THE SKIN and can handle multiple episodes, but it is important to check frequently to determine if a change is required. Many products have an indicator line that will change colors – if more than a few inches of that line is showing, it is time to change. If any stool is present, it is important to change immediately.
  • DO NOT DOUBLE PRODUCTS. Products are not designed to be stacked and can actually cause leaking and skin irritation. Only the layer next to the skin is absorbing liquid and the waterproof layer prevents the leakage.  The overflow will NOT be absorbed by a second product, but instead will leak from the sides keeping moisture close to the skin and cause irritation.
  • CHECK SKIN EACH TIME YOU CHANGE for any appearance of irritation or redness.  You may need to change more frequently and you should contact your healthcare provider.

Proper Skin Cleaning

  • shutterstock_339397007IF USING DISPOSABLE WASHCLOTHS, rotate clean corners and wipe towards the buttocks. Continue wiping until entire area is clean especially in folds of skin. Do not flush cloths unless the package says: “flushable”.
  • USE AT LEAST TWO CONVENTIONAL WASHCLOTHS to properly clean with soapy water and rinse. Rotate cloth to clean corners cleaning the folds of the skin as you wipe and rinse with a separate clean cloth. Launder after every use.

Barrier Creams

  • It is important to use BARRIER CREAMS SPARINGLY as overuse of any type of cream may inhibit the wicking properties of the brief or underwear.